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truly, polls are marvelous. polls are everywhere these days. you call the bank, they ask if you want to take their survey at the end. you buy catfood, – they give you receipt where you need to take a survey online in exchange for $2 off your next shopping cart.. even google has been offering everyone to take their adsense survey, while the prize in this last case was the results of the survey later down the line… i guess some crazy heads might find those valuable… i stopped taking that survey after 3 questions. they were too specific, too deep, needed lots of thinking.. same happens with grocery store survey, with bank customer satisfaction surveys, with all other types of these polls and questionnaires.. maybe it is after school that we sometimes get overly bothered with the multiple answers or hard questions? noone wants to have to take those tests, those surveys of knowledge of last weeks math class… anyways.. we think polls should be fun, fast and easy. that is why all of our POLLZ here have one same question “Which one (of the two) do you pick?” and 2 answers below…  most of them are for fun, so do not dig deep for an answer. and when/if you do finally answer the poll, you’ll see how others answered. after that feel free to go to the next funny poll, or come back tomorrow and do another one, or a dozen… we’re here, we are always ready with some new POLLZ. if you don’t like some poll – refresh the page to see another random poll you haven’t taken yet!


  1. john red

    This is interesting, sometimes. Thank You!!


  2. Mike Raga

    sasha or john digweed? are you kidding? it’s the hardest choise ever! i can’t do this…


  3. Andrew

    funny :)


  4. weirdpoll admin

    Really cool website. I like how you do it, simple and quick. If you need anything, feel free to contact me (I’m sure we can work together)


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